A very special family portrait...
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013
By David Lee Michaels
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This past weekend. we had the pleasure of traveling to Durham, NC for a VERY special family portrait. There are many reasons that made this one special, but most importantly, this was all about love. 10 people who really, honestly, love each other.  Ten people who will forever cherish the images we created that day.  


So without looking at the images, I clicked on a file number to see what popped up.  This was the image that did, and it was no big suprise.


While this may not be the image that makes it to the wall, it is a very real moment.


One day,(hopefully not anytime soon) I will share more about this image....untill then, find  the time to have a family portrait done.  Find a photographer you like, make the appointment and have your family portrait done.  Do it while you can, so you will never wish you had....

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